Luxembourg's Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development announced on Monday that three new cases of avian influenza (virus type H5N1) have been confirmed in the Grand Duchy.

As of 13 December 2021, three additional cases of avian influenza have been confirmed in wild geese in Remerschen in south-eastern Luxembourg. 

In order to prevent the introduction of the virus into poultry flocks, the measures put in place at the end of November are maintained until further notice throughout the territory of Luxembourg, namely:

  • feeding and watering must take place in premises which are not accessible to wild birds;
  • poultry must be kept in closed rooms;
  • poultry may have access to exit areas provided that the latter are protected by nets to prevent any contact with wild birds;
  • biosecurity rules must be scrupulously observed;
  • all poultry gatherings (poultry exhibitions) are prohibited;
  • any abnormal poultry mortality should be reported to a veterinarian.

In case of discovery of an ill or dead wild aquatic bird (goose, duck or swan), the public is advised against touching the animal. Instead, this should be reported to the Veterinary Services Administration via email: or via tel.: 247-82539.

Depending on the evolution of the disease, these measures will be updated.

The Agriculture Ministry recalled that the consumption of eggs and poultry meat remains safe for public health.