Credit: Ministry of Agriculture

The future of Luxembourg agriculture is set to be based on the three pillars of economic, ecological and social sustainability.

On Thursday, the Luxembourg Minister of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development Romain Schneider met with a delegation from the "Centrale Paysanne Luxembourgeoise" to discuss the future of agriculture. The constructive exchange focused on national and European policy orientations in this sector.

Minister Romain Schneider reiterated the importance of agriculture as a separate economic sector in the government programme and emphasised that modern agriculture will have to be based on the three pillars of economic, ecological and social sustainability; its primary and noble mission remains the production of food.

The Agriculture Minister elaborated: "My goal is to strengthen agriculture, conventional and organic, in all its diversity, in partnership with all stakeholders in the sector and to promote the image of agriculture in a proactive way." He also emphasised that the promotion of local agricultural products will be strengthened.

Another major challenge will be the digitisation of agriculture and the opportunities associated with new technologies. Through administrative simplification, the procedures for farmers are to become simpler, faster and more efficient.