The Luxembourg startup Food4All (F4A) has developed a solution to the problem of food waste: offer soon-to-be-expired but still safe-to-eat food products in dedicated aisles in supermarkets.

In an attempt to promote responsible consumerism and preserve the future of the planet, F4A has put together a solution that allows consumers to shop in an eco-friendly way while saving time and money. The seemingly win-win solution imaged by the young company - recently incubated at Lux Future Lab - is fast approaching Luxembourg's various supermarkets.

The basic concept is that, since too many perfectly consumable products are discarded because they are too close to their use-by date, F4A instead offers consumers these products in their own section in supermarkets. In addition, simple and delicious recipes will be available to consumers on the F4A website and application from Autumn 2018 onwards.

Beyond their services, the co-founders Ilana Devillers and Xenia Ashby have committed to educating consumers on the future of the planet through conferences and workshops in collaboration with charitable associations. For instance, the first workshop will take place in Stëmm vun der Strooss (Rue de la Fonderie in Hollerich) on Thursday 13 September 2018, with the aim of helping to create a 0 waste meal for +/- 300 people.

The F4A hopes to develop additional partnerships with supermarket chains and charities.