Claude Wiseler, President of the Chamber of Deputies; Credit: Chamber of Deputies

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Claude Wiseler, led a delegation from Luxembourg's parliament on an official visit to Armenia on Wednesday 22 May 2024.

The delegation included Luxembourg MPs Yves Cruchten (LSAP), Octavie Modert (CSV), Georges Engel (LSAP) and Sven Clement (Pirate Party).

As reported by the Chamber of Deputies, this visit saw Claude Wiseler deliver a speech in front of the National Assembly (parliament) of Armenia in Yerevan, in which he affirmed the support of Luxembourg's parliament for Armenians "in difficult geopolitical context".

As affirmed by Claude Wiseler during his speech, the official visit (the second in two years) "carries immense symbolism and significance" and "highlight[s] the strength and depth of our relations". Reflecting on the "tragic events" of last autumn when over 100,000 Armenians fled the Nagorno-Karabakh region in light of Azerbaijan's military operation, Mr Wiseler assured that the Luxembourg parliament's "support for the Armenian people remains unwavering and resolute". He also stressed the importance of upholding international law "at all costs".

During his speech and exchanges with his Armenian counterpart, National Assembly President Alen Simonyan, and the President of Armenia, Vahagn Khachaturyan, Claude Wiseler recalled the unanimity of Luxembourg's political class in supporting Armenia. The Chamber of Deputies added that this unanimity was expressed during parliamentary votes on various motions and resolutions in recent years. MPs adopted the latest motion on the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan just last week.

During his meeting with the Armenian President, Claude Wiseler affirmed his conviction that the future of Armenia requires lasting peace and cooperation with neighbouring countries, despite historical differences.

In his speech, Claude Wiseler expressed his hope for successful peace negotiations, noting: "This aspiration is rooted in a profound belief in the power of dialogue and diplomacy to overcome even the most entrenched conflicts". He recognised, however, that certain "barriers still need to be dismantled", stating: "That is why we urgently demand that Baku immediately release all Armenian prisoners of war and provide comprehensive information on missing persons of Armenian origin".

"We owe our support to this young democracy which must assert itself in a particularly difficult geopolitical context," he added during the various meetings. The Chamber of Deputies noted that it was also through their engagement within various international assemblies that Luxembourg MPs wished to support and "open doors" to Armenia, as well as through support for the EU Mission in Armenia (EUMA) and the EU partnership programme. Claude Wiseler also emphasised the importance of developing bilateral economic relations.

"Armenia stands at a critical juncture. You are at the 'crossroad for peace'. The decisions made today will shape the trajectory of tomorrow," the President of the Chamber of Deputies noted towards the end of his speech. He concluded with the statement: "By navigating these obstacles with prudence, perseverance and a commitment to dialogue and compromise, Armenia has the opportunity of becoming a resilient nation, fostering peace, prosperity and democratic ideals in the Caucasus region and beyond. On this way, you will find us at your side."

The Milli Majlis (National Assembly) of Azerbaijan was quick to react to Claude Wiseler's statements, saying it "condemns such biased and absurd ideas categorically and protests against them resolutely".