New members 2022; Credit: IMS Luxembourg

On Thursday 3 February 2022, IMS Luxembourg - Inspiring More Sustainability - at its annual conference celebrated the network's 15th anniversary, presented its activities and announced the creation of the Sustainability Academy.

The Sustainability Academy will enable companies to become more involved in putting into practice the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) topics addressed in IMS events, conferences, and projects. Through diversified and complementary training programmes, companies and organisations, whether or not they are members of the IMS network, will have the possibility and knowledge to increase engagement with all of their personnel.

IMS will highlight a sustainable development theme each month and provide an update on the publications and other resources available and upcoming event.

Sandrine Grumberg, who has been a partner of IMS since its creation on various topics such as responsible purchasing and waste management, has extensive experience as a purchasing manager in the industry and is the founder of two training organisations, one in France and another in Luxembourg. She joined the IMS team as Sustainability Academy Manager to set up and develop the Academy. She will be accompanied by Sophie Öberg, Deputy Director of IMS.

The network will celebrate its 15th anniversary at the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum in October 2022.