Climate Heroes - Ramborn; Credit: Maxime Riché

At the tenth edition of the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2021, organised by IMS Luxembourg, Ramborn Cider Co. was chosen as a Luxembourgish "Climate Hero".

Climate Heroes is a multimedia platform that tells the stories of individuals worldwide who are fighting tirelessly to protect the environment and mitigate climate change. This exhibition aims to provoke thought, encourage change and inspire others to join the movement and act for the planet.

Climate Heroes come from all over the world and now include Luxembourg's Ramborn Cider Co. Ramborn Cider Mill is among the forerunners of the BCorp movement in the Grand Duchy and is actively taking action to preserve and regenerate local biodiversity and ecosystems. Through their approaches and partnerships, the company, which counts one million square metres of restored orchards, aims to involve as many actors as possible in the adventure of changing business as usual. 

The Climate Heroes exhibition is currently on display at the Bierger-Center in Luxembourg-Ville until 29 October 2021.

Maxime Riché, founder of Climate Heroes, was present at the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2021, where he identifed and photographed Ramborn for the exhibition.