Credit: IMS Luxembourg

This year's Luxembourg Sustainability Forum, taking place on 25 April 2019, will feature two exhibitions on the topic of plastic pollution.

The new edition of the major event on CSR in Luxembourg, organised by IMS Luxembourg, will open with a discussion of the challenge of zero single-use plastic, presented under the theme "Choose to refuse".

During the official opening ceremony, leading personalities and signatory CEOs of the Zero Single-Use Plastic Manifesto will gather on stage, along with the Luxembourg Minister for Environment, Climate and Sustainable development, Carole Dieschbourg, to demonstrate that it is possible to refuse to use plastic and to make a change in response to this unprecedented challenge.

The event will also show a TV set dedicated to concrete solutions already implemented; several specialists on this subject and Luxemburgish actors will share their expertise and debate the matter. In addition, attendees can visit two exhibitions on plastic pollution with free access during the whole afternoon.

The first exhibition, "Washed UP", will showcase the works of Alejandro Duran, a committed Mexican artist based in New York. Through pictures, videos and various other forms, Duran has centred his professional interests on humans and nature, revealing particularly the impact of our consumer society on the planet. The second exhibition, "For Some Minutes of Use", will will explore the stakes of the ultra-plastic and some key figures, in an educational manner.

The event will be in French and English, with simultaneous translations provided in the main room. The forum is open to everyone, free of charge and will begin on 25 April 2019 at 13:30 at Cercle Cité. 

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