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18th Hesper 1000km Run

Sunday 09 July 2017, 08:00

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Details:  The 18th 1000km Hesper race will be held on Sunday 9 July 2017, following the occasion of the "Laftreff Hesper" committee and the Hesperange municipality’s renewal of confidence in Handicap International.

All proceeds for the 18th edition of the race, initiated in 2000, will be donated to Handicap International in order to support the projects that the association conducts in the field of decontaminating land for local populations. The municipality of Hesperange is also planning an additional donation for the association in order to rally the solidarity of the runners.

Members of the association will be accompanied by many volunteers to raise awareness among participants and visitors about the use of explosive weapons in populated areas that kill and injure thousands of civilians every day, such as in the regular bombings in recent conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine and so on.

Participants and visitors will also be able to mark their rejection of these practices of war by depositing their used shoes in a mini-pyramid of shoes.

The objective is to run a minimum of 1000km, and this year the successful runner who wins the race will be rewarded by Handicap International at the end of the event.

On 10 July 2016, for the 17th edition, they were 645 participants who ran 7,232 kilometres to raise €6,000, with the support of the municipality of Hesperange, to support Handicap International’s humanitarian demining projects.

It should be noted that the record of 2004 with 8,850 km recorded remains to be beat.

The starting point of this year’s race will be at the Centre Nicolas Braun (next to the Town Hall) with two starting times to choose from 08:00 or 12:00.

Registration costs a minimum of €5 (children €3) on the day or by transfer to the LT Hesper CCP LV Hesper LU97 1111 1712 4237 0000.

A free raffle is included for each participant and there will be food and drink stands provided by Telstar Hesper.

Venue: Centre Nicolas Braun (next to the Town Hall) 

Organiser: "Laftreff Hesper" committee; municipality of Hesperange

Price: Minimum €5 (children €3) on the day or by transfer to the LT Hesper CCP LV Hesper LU97 1111 1712 4237 0000

Reservations: n/a




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