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Kalinka Russian School Year-end Show

Saturday 01 July 2017, 14:00

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Details:  Kalinka Russian School to put on Year-end Show on Russian Fairy Tales

On Saturday 1 July at 14:00, the Russian School (Kalinka) in Luxembourg will hold its traditional end of year concert entitled "Visiting a fairy tale"

The event qill take place at the Arts and Crafts Luxembourg Technical Lyceum's concert hall at the Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers (19 rue Guillaume Schneider, L-2522 Luxembourg) and is to be a lively and colourful show based on Russian fairy tales.

Kalinka is the leading Russian school of complementary primary education in Luxembourg. Opened in February 2010, the school is registered since 2012 as a non-profit association with the aim of organising a structured primary education which implies teaching a range of disciplines, including reading and writing in Russian, as well as music, singing and drama. The school appreciates sharing what the children have learned, with their family, friends and everyone else who is interested in Russian culture; that is why it often arranges open-access theatrical celebrations for the general public and mass media: they dance, sing, recite poems, and these are real musical performances!

"Visiting a fairy tale" is a lively and colourful show based on Russian fairy tales: «Tsokotukha the Fly», «Buratino», «The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats», «The Gigantic Turnip», «Frog Traveler», «Cat House». Spectators will also see on stage heroes of such world-famous stories as «Cinderella», «Mary Poppins», «Town Musicians of Bremen»; fascinating stories told and shown by students will not leave anyone indifferent thanks to the support and guidance of highly qualified, professional teaching staff and the universal language of music that is intelligible to any general public. Dance moves, musical compositions and costumes designed by the school choreographer and music teachers specifically for the end of year concert, make the performance colourful and original.

The Kalinka Russian School is not only a place where more than 170 children aged three and older and living in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and France, study the Russian language, where we use a unique method designed specifically for a complex polylingual environment. It's not only is a place where about 20 teachers work and where Russian language courses are available for adults as well. It is also a social institution shaping communication and open to numerous representatives of the local Russian-speaking community, including those from former Soviet republics, as well as all people interested in Russia, Russian language and culture, folklore and classics. This institution is constantly developing, expanding its activities and is playing an increasingly important role in the social life of Luxembourg.

The event is being sponsored by East-West United Bank (EWUB), as well as the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Luxembourg and the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Luxembourg.

Venue: concert hall at the Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers (19 rue Guillaume Schneider, L-2522 Luxembourg)

Organiser: Kalinka Russian School

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