On Tuesday 19 September at 1900 and on Wednesday 20 September at 2100, Greek director Stergio Pascho’s Afterlov will be screened in Utopia cinema.

Utopia, in collaboration with the Greek Cinema Club Luxembourg, will hold a viewing of Afterlov, a Greek film from 2016 about a 30-year-old heartbroken musician in Athens who seeks answers from his ex-girlfriend by all means possible.

Heartbroken Nikos invites his ex Sofia over for the weekend but ends up locking her in the house and refusing to let her leave until he gets answers for their break-up. Afterlov has been described as a funny and poignant break-up story.

The film is not suitable for children and will be held in the original Greek version with English subtitles.

Tickets for Greek films can no longer be bought at Utopia's cashiers. They will be sold at a separate desk by the cinema's entrance. Reservations and card payments are no longer possible.


Venue: Ciné Utopia

Organiser: Greek Film Club Luxembourg

Price: €9 non-members, €5 members

Reservations: N/A