Young Luxembourg group Bye Bye Bay is to release its first single "Never Leave Your Road" on 14 June.

After many years of composing, again and again, the time has come for Pierre Bihl, drummer of the Luxembourgish pop rock band Open Seas, to launch his parallel project called “Bye Bye Bay”. Why that particular name? He explains this name doesn’t have a profound signification at first sight. He was simply looking for a name “easy to remember and sounding like an onomatopoeia”. If you dig a bit deeper, Bye Bye Bay could be a synonym of escape, travel, like the departure of a boat leaving the bay in search of new horizons.

Oscillating between Luxembourg and France on a daily basis, Bye Bye Bay can be described as a pure product of the Greater Region. The first title of the project, "Never Leave Your Road", is a perfect example: part of the recording was made in France and the remainder of the recording as well as the mixing and mastering were carried out in Luxembourg by Tom Gatti in his Audio Oak recording studio at Dudelange. The release of this single will be accompanied by a video clip filmed in Strasbourg and directed by Bruno Fagotti and Matthieu Bernhard (Two Films).

The debut single "Never Leave Your Road" reflects the musical basis of Bye Bye Bay. Mixing perfectly acoustic and electric guitar, the heady melody and lively rhythm will remind you that summer isn’t so far off. Borrowing the language of the Beatles, the lyrics are resolutely positive with a message simple enough but still so necessary: always keep smiling despite the difficulties. Juggling with many different styles, Bye Bye Bay's music is sometimes influenced by John Mayer's slow blues, Jamiroquai's groove, Jason Mraz's good vibes or even Ray Charles's swing.

Officially released on 14 June 2017, the single "Never Leave Your Road" will be available on more than 250 digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify or Deezer for the most well-known.

The teaser of a larger project is planned for the autumn and "Never Leave Your Road" marks the beginning of a new adventure that has just begun.