Credit: Val Wagner

As expected, Cergy couldn’t challenge Tornado on Saturday evening in Kockelscheuer when the two teams met in a French ice hockey league match; skating, puck control, tactics - in each part of the game Tornado was ahead of Cergy and led them to a 7-3 win.

One good thing about the game was that Tornado was able to rotate their all 19 players during the game. This gave much-needed ice time also to players who had not played so much in previous games.

Tornado’s goal scorers in the game were Marcus Eriksson (1+2), Colm Cannon (3+1), Steven Minden (1+1), Thierry Beran (1+1) and David Muller (1+2).

Tornado now holds second position in the league group with 18 points, 6 points behind of the leader Asniéres and 4 points ahead of Courbevoie.

Tornado has now played 4 games in a row where their opponents have not been able to put up a serious challenge. However, this will change next week-end when Courbevoie will present a completely different porposition in their visit to Luxembourg. In coming practices Tornados need to prepare themselves in a completely different way to the previous games as it is going to be far more intense competition. Courbevoie is a more physical and dangerous team, especially their first line with the Finnish Uola brothers, who are dominating the stats in the group.

The game is also the last home game of the year in 2017 so Toraado hope to see many people in the stands.