LuxConnect operates two data centres in the Grand Duchy, offerind a total of 14,700 m2 of data storage and associated services.

Free cooling exclusively used when outside temperatures drop below 10°C, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) carefully optimized to support variable loads and capacities at the lowest possible energy consumption, lighting reduced by 30 to 50% of normal operation: LuxConnect is working to reduce its ecological impact. And its efforts are successful, according to the low carbon footprint recently calculated in partnership with Enovos and Myclimate Luxembourg.

For sustainale development, the company sttes that it is not only a matter of social responsibility, it is a matter of outlooks on life. "“Green” and “sustainable” are not just words, but the very concept on which our data centres were built. We like to go further and have continuously been committed to the community."

In relying on "Low-to-no-footprint" green electricity, LuxConect extends their innovative energy concept beyond the fence-line of their data centres, and have made sure to source certified hydroelectricity from Norway, based on terms which allow both their clients and themselves to have an "iron hand on cost".

Free cooling is used exclusively when outside temperatures drop below 10°C. When temperatures rise above 10°C, their data centres revert to hybrid cooling towers. This technology does not require the additional supply of cooling water for temperatures ranging from 10°C to 27°C, resulting in a low ecological impact.

The Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and transformer infrastructure has been carefully designed and optimised to support variable loads and capacities at the lowest possible energy consumption levels, without impacting data centre operations.

Light is probably among the most useful but the least efficient form of energy. The more often you switch it off, the better it is. LuxConect's engineers and technicians have worked on this simple maxim - reducing lighting and its associated costs by 30 to 50% of normal operation.