The Luxembourg companies Apollo Strategists, RCarré, SFC Conseil and VISTIM announced today the creation of an alliance of experts aiming to inspire and develop SMEs.

Under the name “Of One Mind”, the non-profit alliance has been set up to better serve businesses by providing SMEs with a single point of access to multidisciplinary expertise and

Of One Mind was founded by business leaders Pascale Kauffman, Jean-Guy Roche, Guy Schosseler and Gerard Sinnes, who are experts in the respective fields of communication, IT, accounting and taxation and human resources.

Guy Schosseler, from SFC Conseil, commented that: "Of One Mind has been designed to accommodate experts in order to increase the skills offered to companies.”

The experts at Of One Mind have identified gaps in knowledge, organisations and innovations to their customers that they intend to fill with their companies to have a holistic strategy and save time and consistency.

The asbl will also organise "lab performances" several times a year, a concept launched at VISTIM, which brings together experts on current business management affairs at an informal but structured lunch with the objective of creating inspired and inspiring experts.