As part of their traditional Fête des lauréats, Cactus and Caterman (Restaurants Cactus & Traiteur de Schnékert) have honoured their 208 employees who have given 10 and 25 years of service to the company. 

Each year, Cactus organises its "Laureates' Celebration" to honour employees who have contributed to the group's prosperity for 10 and 25 years. This year, 136 employees were honoured for their 10 years and 72 for 25 years of loyal service.

During a gala dinner, the winners were presented with a gift by Max Leesch, president and managing director of the Cactus Group, Laurent Schonckert, managing director of the Cactus Group and Véronique Muller, human resources manager for Caterman.

Robert Faymonville, Cactus Group's human resources director, said, "We are very proud to be able to organise each year this celebration which marks the 10 or 25 years of seniority of our employees. The high number of winners reflects a corporate culture that emphasises employee satisfaction and fulfilment. We invest a great deal in training with the main objective of motivating our employees."

Acknowledgment by management has been directed to the 72 winners who have been with Cactus for 25 years. They are: 

AZZERI Nadia, GDID Naima, GONCALVES FERREIRA Clara-Maria, GOMES DA SILVA Marie-Josée, FONSECA Marisa, GAAD Hélène, SOBCZYK Gisèle, AZENHA Zelinda, BECKEL Marie-Pierre, DOS SANTOS GOMES Elisa Maria, ORSINI Tatiana, PICCIOLI Alexandra, POESY Nathalie, PONCIN Murielle, BERNI Carole, MANCINI Florence, GOMES DE CARVALHO Maria Casimira, DELGADO DA LUZ Maria Antonia, FOURNELLE Beatrice, KASEL Marcelle, SCHUTTER Jacqueline, JERONIMO MARQUES Helena, KLEINBAUER Mireille, BERNARDES GROU Aida Maria, GOEREND Christel, ARMBRUSTER Astrid, KASEL Martine, NEY Sylviane, TRINQUIER Sandrine, WALLERICH Sabine, DUARTE DA COSTA Maria-Lucia, LEONE Rita, MATTERER Patricia, SEABRA PAULINO Sandra Marisa, NOSKE Brigitte, BOIZET Christine, BERNARD Berthe, GUERIN Joëlle, WILMOTTE Sylvie, MIMECHE Jamila, PETERS Sandra, LUXEMBOURGER Nathalie, MICHEL Nadine, DELACROIX Dany, SOBAC Geraldine, KIEFFER Emmanuel, JAERLING Raphael, BIREL Philippe, DI PINTO Giovanni, KIRCH Georges, WESTER Thierry, KOENIG André, KRIPPES Guido, THOLL Christian, DE JESUS ALVES José-Manuel, LADIKA Boris, ROSMAN Philippe, HAAS Guy, TUAILLON Stephen, QUOIRIN Dany, CREMA Christian, SINNER Steve, CRISPEELS Benoît, MATHIEU Pascal, LAEUFFER Didier, BOUGUELERET Fabrice, MORICONI Denis, PINTO RIBEIRO Lionel, CHRISTMANN Frank, LEFEBVRE Michel, LADRIERE Patrick, RENARD Jean-François.

Image: Cactus' 25 year laureates. © Cactus