Credit: Copyright: Photothèque de la Ville de Luxembourg, Marc Wilwert

Yesterday, Monday 4 December 2017, saw the swearing in of councillors to the municipal council of the Ville de Luxembourg.

On this occasion, the mayor of the city, Lydie Polfer, swore in the following members of the municipal council:

Jeff Wirtz, Héloïse Bock, Tanja de Jager, Claude Radoux and Sylvia Camarda (DP)

Maurice Bauer, Claudine Konsbruck, Paul Galles and Elisabeth Margue (CSV)

 Sam Tanson, Carlo Back, Tilly Metz and Claudie Reyland (Déi Gréng)

Marc Angel, Cathy Fayot and Tom Krieps (LSAP)

Roy Reding (adr)

David Wagner and Joël Delvaux (Déi Lénk)

Due to his absence, François Benoy (Déi Gréng) will be sworn in at a later stage.