The four regional tourist offices across Luxembourg of the regions Moselle, Centre-Ouest, Sud and Mullerthal - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland - will start a national training programme for tour guides which is being organised along with Chambre de Commerce and House of Training in Luxembourg.

The courses take place on Saturday 20 and Saturday 27 January 2018. The alternative date is on 3 February. The final exam will take place on Saturday 24 February. The seven courses, which include topics like culture, history, the do's & don'ts in a guided tour, are held at the Chambre de Commerce in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

The language of the course is German or French, with a translation into the other language and into English. The participation fee is €150 per person.

After passing the written exam, each participant will get a certificate signed by the Chambre de Commerce and the Ministry of Economy - Directorate-General for Tourism and the participants may enrol for the regional training courses which will be offered by the various regional tourist offices in the respective regions.

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