in English; Credit: MFPRA

Today, Tuesday 7 November 2017, the portal is fully available in English.

Presented by Dan Kersch, Luxemboirg's Minister of Public Administration and Administrative Reform, and conducted in close collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy, this development is in line with the "Einfach Lëtzebuerg" programme, whose ambition is to support the development of a quality public service to meet the increasing expectations of users, citizens and businesses.

With more than 170 nationalities listed as residents of the Grand Duchy and a foreign population that is close to 48% (47.7% as of 1 January 2017) of the total population, Luxembourg is a country that is deeply multicultural. This new language version provides administrative information on issues relevant to the resident anglophone community, as well as to a foreign population wishing to learn about the Grand Duchy and to know the conditions to be met to live and work here.

Precisely describing some 1,500 administrative procedures, has enjoyed increasing success since its launch in November 2008. Each month, it receives more than 470,000 visits and more than 1.2 million pages are consulted. Since 2011, the business component was already accessible in English. In order to standardise all the information available on the portal, more than 800,000 words have been translated in the last six months.

Now fully available in French, German and English, is the result of the joint work of the Ministry of the Civil Service and the Administrative Reform and the Ministry of the Economy; it is the preferred point of contact for all interactions between the general public, businesses and administrations. In order to simplify the management of the portal and pool skills, the editorial teams merged in early 2016. In addition to the launch of the English version of the portal, this dynamic has redefined a new common identity for the entire service. It continues to address two distinct targets - citizens and businesses.